Become a Gatekeeper of Democracy

Become a Gatekeeper of Democracy

Sign up to work the polls this November.

Our democracy depends on ordinary people to volunteer to work the polls on Election Day. However, a significant majority of poll workers are over age 60 and at higher risk of complications from COVID-19. They’re less likely to work this year. This contributed to unprecedented shortages in the primaries. For instance, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, an expected 180 voting sites for the presidential primary were consolidated into five. The city typically requires at least 1,400 election workers, but had less than 400 as Election Day approached. The result was long wait times for voters.

Volunteer in Your Community!

We know Steelworkers are always at the front of the line when it comes to lifting up and helping those in our communities – it’s what we do!  That’s why we are reaching out to encourage our members to sign up to work the polls this November.

What Does a Poll Worker Do?

Poll workers are recruited and hired locally and help with tasks such as verifying voters’ identities, answering questions, and assisting voters who require it. Most of these roles are temporary and paid, requiring a short training period commitment and attendance on the day of the election.

Click Here to Become a Poll Worker!

Our democracy depends on thousands of ordinary people to volunteer to work the polls and ensure that every vote is counted and the process runs smoothly.

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