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Local 9185 USW SENA

Keep Your Job/Avoid Layoffs – call now!

As early as tomorrow morning, the Boston City Council will vote on Mayor Marty Walsh’s budget.  Whether that budget will pass Council is the question.  If it does NOT pass, layoffs, furloughs etc. may follow.  l don’t want to risk it – and I don’t think you do, either.

Please call your city councilor.  Tell their staffer that you are a constituent — give them your address.  After that call, please phone the four At-Large city councilors.

What to Say?

First, speak to them naturally and sincerely – you should not be perfect.  Don’t read anything prepared.  Your goal is to impress upon them that you are a regular person who is deeply concerned about Boston andthe state of Boston’s families — including your own.

Things to say:

  • Introduce yourself to the staffer
  • Thank them for taking the time to listen
  • Tell them you understand the Councilor maybe be voting on the Mayor’s Budget very soon
  • That you want to urge her/him to vote “yes” on the budget

Tell them in your own words what you do, and why it’s important to the people of Boston, as background to why you want them to vote “yes”

  • I am a member of the USW/SENA which is comprised of 750 middle-managers in Boston’s city government.  We care deeply about Boston and its families.  This is what we do for them:
    • We organize and oversee Boston’s Emergency Medical Services
    • We plan and oversee Boston’s Parks and our Rec Centers too – that help kids find summer jobs
    • We oversee the sanitizing and sweeping of Boston’s streets.
    • We plan and oversee Boston’s Youth & Family Services

Tell them it would be terrible to cut the jobs that make and guide these services – that Boston’s families depend on so much.  Especially now, during the COVID crisis, when so many families are suffering job losses and depend on them even more.

  • Sir/Ma’am., I am not saying that the debate in Council is not important to have.  I’m saying, these services are important to Boston Families and that my job and the jobs of my colleagues in the union are important to us all.

Please let the Councilor know that I urge Her/Him to vote for the budget please.

Thank you for listening.

How to Call?

This is simple.  There is one phone number at City Hall that you can to reach a City Councilor Office – either a staffer or a place to leave a message. 


Tell them that you want to speak to your City Councilor’s Office.  Be prepared for an answering machine.

Again, don’t be prefect or sound too polished.

Don’t feel comfortable calling send an email. Link: To city council page Click Here

Do it now please.  Thanks.

Joe Smith, President

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