New Hampshire Steelworkers: Are You Ready for a Fight?

New Hampshire Steelworkers: Are You Ready for a Fight?

We’re just a few days into the new year, and anti-worker legislators and their corporate cronies in New
Hampshire are wasting no time in picking their first fight. We have just learned that House Bill 1377-FN,( this year’s House version of so-called Right-to-Work (RTW), will have its public hearing on Wednesday, January 10th, at 3:00 PM.
So-called RTW is deliberately designed to make it harder for unions to help workers negotiate with their employers for better pay and working conditions. It deprives unions of the resources they need to organize and provide basic services to the workers they represent. And it’s unnecessary.

Here are the facts. So-called Right to Work:

  • Denies New Hampshire workers the freedom to join together to form strong unions if they choose to.
  • Suppresses wages, lowers workplace safety, and reduces the quality of public services our communities rely on.
  • Is sponsored by out-of-state corporate special interests who don’t care about New Hampshire’s workers.
    Backers of these laws claim they protect employees’ freedoms, but we know better. So-called RTW laws are nothing more than an attempt by corporate special interest groups to abolish unions altogether—they couldn’t care less about the freedom of New Hampshire’s workers.

  • We’ve beat it back before, and with your solidarity, we’ll do it again!

Come to Concord January 10th!
We’ll be joining with our labor allies and attending the public meeting at 3:00 PM in Representatives Hall.
New Hampshire State Capitol
107 N Main St, Concord, NH 03301

Tell the House Labor Committee that so-called Right to Work is WRONG for New Hampshire.
Click HERE ( to send a pre-written email to the Committee urging them
to vote no.

There is no urgent or responsible reason to enact a law that offers no proven
benefits to people who live and work here, especially when passing so-called RTW
would have predictable and harmful consequences for New Hampshire’s economy
and working families. In the past, both democrats and republicans have come
together and agreed RTW has no place in New Hampshire. We need that kind of
solidary with workers once again.

For more information on this issue or how you can get more involved with Rapid Response, please contact District 4 Rapid Response
Coordinator, Mark McDonald at
USW Rapid Response  (412) 562-2291  

Click here for flyer: Print Flyer

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