The 2024 Sick Bank Donation program is now open for enrollment!

The Extended Sick Leave Bank provides extended sick leave to participating employees that have experienced a serious or catastrophic illness or injury (not Workers’ Compensation related) and have exhausted all accrued time (Sick, Vacation, Personal, and Compensatory). The sick bank is comprised of employee sick bank donations and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. All requests are reviewed and decided upon at the discretion of the Committee. If an employee chooses to donate, their donation will not impact the annual Sick Leave Buyback process nor count as an instance under the Attendance Policy. Each union has their own sick bank and regulations. Please reference your CBAs to determine how many days you can donate, what the review process is like, etc.
When is the donation period?January 2, 2024 – January 31, 2024. 

Eligibility requirements: 
Eligible employees must have completed their probationary period and must have at least one sick day to donate. You may reference your sick time by navigating to Employee Self Service at, and selecting the absence balances tile.

Who can participate?
Employees in the following groups are eligible to participate: AFSCME, SENA, SEIU, IBEW, NEPBA, Park Rangers, BPDBS Detectives Unit, BPDBS Superior Officer’s Unit, and BPDBS Forensics Group, Non-Union Employees including Department Heads and Mayor’s office, but excluding BFD Fire Cadets.For additional information about eligibility, please refer to the City’s collective bargaining agreements.

Step-by-step instructions on how to donate: 
Navigate to Access Boston and click on the Employee Self Service tile Select “COB SICK BANK DONATION”, complete the form and submit.Employees will receive a confirmation email verifying that they have donated successfully. For login issues, please contact the DoIT Service Desk 617-635-7378.
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