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Covid - 19 Resources

Sena Local 9158 wants you to stay safe. It is important to get the proper information regarding covid 19. It is also important to follow the guidelines established by the CDC and the World Health Organization. Use the resources below to help you get and stay informed.


USW resources are up to date and provide a wealth of information regarding the virus. Click here to view the resources

President Joe Smith

Dear Sisters & Brothers: Your officers and stewards of Local 9158 SENA have been in Click here to read more

Director Vitale

This letter is to update you on what is happening in District 4 during this challenging Click here to read more


Janus is an attack on women

The Labor Wire March 1, 2018 Today marks the beginning of Women’s History Month, kicking off a celebration of the leaders, organizers and working women at the heart of the…

Electronic Paystubs Reminder

Consistent with Article XXIV. Section 3 (Direct Deposit) of the recent MOA the City and SENA agreed upon, the City intends to move to electronic paystubs effective February 9th 2018.…

USW denouncing the changes to the GIC Healthcare.

For Immediate Release: Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018 More information, contact: Tony Montana – (412) 562-2592 or USW Denounces Changes to Massachusetts Public Employee Benefits Union Supports Investigation of Group…

Employee Wellness Portal

AJG_COB_PortalLaunch_Flyer_v3 Come Join Today today!. Your new wellness portal features a recipe database, deals at your local grocery store, workout videos, optional year-round activity tracking, device syncing, and more.…



All active members can access our list of benefits provided by the union. The list has links so that you can access the benefit online.

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SENA 9158 provides a scholarship once a year to a member or a family member of an active member. You can apply here.

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Ann Roper-Quinn | DOiT

Scott Ross… DoIt

David Hinton |  BCYF

Elliot Derdak | Boston Public Health

Fran Gavin | Assessing

Johnny Hernandez |Treasury…Auditing…OHR

Lori Donovan.. Fire

Massiel DeAndrade.. Human Resources, Budget, Collector Treasurer

Michael Mackan  ISD

Christine Pagliuca ..BTD

Roberson Castor PFD

Robert Astrella | Public Works

Robert Hickey [ BCYF

Tom Hutchings ..Police

Martin Kain..Elections,Inter Gov Affairs, Rental Housing,Veterans Services, S/L Business,Elderly, Law and Licensing

Lisa Menino..Property Management

Lincoln Phillips..Parks / Cemetery


Joseph Smith | President

Thomas Kadzis  | Vice President

Robert Rottenbucher | Financial Secretary

Joseph Plagenza | Treasurer

John Sinagra | Recording Secretary

about sena 9158

Salaried Employees of North America

Sena 9158 is a local branch of The United Steel Workers. Sena 9158 represents Salaried Employees of North America in Massachusetts