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Marijuana, Safety, and Fairness

Marijuana, Safety, and Fairness: Part 1 Evolving Legal Landscape Reshaping Opinions on Marijuana Use and Workers’ Rights Marijuana was criminalized in the United States in 1937. For 75 years, that was the law of the land, but in 2012, a wave of decriminalization in the US began when voters in … Read more

Sign now: Protect Public Servants’ Retirement

Tell Congress: Eliminate the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset provisions that deny public servants the full Social Security benefits they have earned over a lifetime of hard work. ADD YOUR VOICE, Social Security works. Period. But it can always be better. When Social Security was created benefits didn’t … Read more

Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO)

We know it’s been a while since the last update, but, with everything going on in Washington, it has been a constant battle to get things done, especially on this issue. We finally have enough cosponsors to have a Hearing on H. R. 82. Please see the information below. 4.11.2024: … Read more

Walk It Out

GROUP CHALLENGE Don’t forget to download the Navigate Wellbeing app for a convenient and easyway to track your activities. The app is available as a free download in the AppleApp Store and Google Play App Store! Scan the QR code to download.GROUP CHALLENGE April 8 – May 19, 2024Registration open: … Read more


MONDAY, APRIL 29 – FRIDAY, MAY 17This is the yearly period when employees and retirees canenroll in and change health insurance plans and coveragewithout a qualifying life event. ANNUAL ENROLLMENT BENEFIT FAIRS: Click here for more information : Flyer

No Elections Needed

To the Membership of SENA 9158, We are proud to announce that since there were no challenges to any of the positions, there is no need for an election. Nominations were held on March 12, 2024 and the membership spoke loud and clear on their support for the current e-board, officers and stewards with … Read more

Tax Forms Related to Health Insurance

FORM 1099-HC (Required for Massachusetts State Tax Returns) FORM 1099-HC (Required for Massachusetts State Tax Returns)Form 1099-HC is needed to complete your MA state tax return. This form serves as proof ofhealth insurance coverage for Massachusetts residents age 18 and older.Your 2023 Form 1099-HC will be mailed to you by … Read more

The Power of Our Union: On the Island of Puerto Rico, USW Members are Stepping up the Fight for Workers’ Rights

FEB 13, 2024 Miguel Cruz spent 31 years as a union worker with Puerto Rico’s electric power authority. Although he reached an age at which he could retire for good, Cruz still serves as president of his unit and continues to champion the labor movement on the island of 3.3 … Read more

Public workers may receive reduced Social Security benefits. There’s growing support in Congress to change that

PUBLISHED SUN, NOV 12 2023 By: Lorie Konish When Dave Bernstein, 87, started working at the U.S. Postal Service in February 1970, he was making $2.35 an hour. To supplement his income, he also took on other work. Years later, Bernstein decided in 1992 to take a voluntary retirement. “We knew there was … Read more

Blue Cross Blue Shield / NASCO Data Security Incident

IF YOU RECEIVE A LETTER FROM NASCO DO NOT IGNORE IT Important Security Notification. NASCO, (collectively, “NASCO” or “we”), provides claims administration services to health plan customers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. We place a high value on maintaining the privacy and security of the information we maintain … Read more
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