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By Joseph Smith

Your Activism is Working!

Massachusetts Steelworkers your activism is Working! Last week, we sent an Action Call asking you to contact your state legislators and advise them banning gas connections is a bad decision. While we agree that we need to address climate change, banning gas hook-ups is not the answer. These bans will drive up the cost of housing, kill good utility and construction jobs, and put our infrastructure at risk.Instead of banning gas connections in new and renovated buildings, we can address climate change by repurposing the existing gas system using renewable natural gas (RNG) and hydrogen. This would retain good USW utility worker jobs and prevent the other negative consequences of gas bans. We now need to let our Massachusetts Representatives and Senators know that they have a choice. They can address climate change, prevent bad consequences, and utilize existing infrastructure by allowing a way to repurpose the gas system.Thank you to those who took action. Your voices are being heard!We Can’t Stop Now!As debate over this bill heats up, it’s imperative that we keep the pressure on! Please call and email BOTH your State Senator and State Representative today and let them know you, your family, and your friends are against the 10 City Gas Ban.Click HERE to send your Representative and Senators an email and urge them to oppose S.2842, the 10 City Gas Ban.Click HERE to look up your Representative’s and Senator’s office phone. Call them and tell them to OPPOSE S.2842, the 10 City Gas Ban.
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