The House Passes the PRO Act!

2021, Latest News

By Joseph Smith

The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act (H.R. 842)
passed today with bipartisan support!

Just over one year ago, Steelworkers cheered in the gallery of the U.S. House as Representatives voted to pass the PRO Act with bipartisan support. Like many Steelworker priority bills, we grew frustrated to see it stall over the next year in the Senate and never reach a floor vote, then ultimately die.

But we don’t give up. We never give up.

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the most meaningful labor reform bill since the National Labor Relations Act in 1935 by a vote of 225 – 206.The PRO Act will:

  • Empower workers to exercise our freedom to organize and bargain.
  • Ensure workers can reach a first contract quickly after a union is recognized.
  • End employers’ practice of punishing striking workers by hiring permanent replacements. Speaking up for labor rights is within every worker’s rights—and we shouldn’t lose our jobs for it.
  • Hold corporations accountable by strengthening the National Labor Relations Board and allowing it to penalize employers who retaliate against working people in support of the union or collective bargaining.
  • Override “right to work” laws – divisive and racist laws that lead to lower wages, fewer benefits, and more dangerous workplaces.
  • Create pathways for workers to form unions, without fear of retaliation or being fired.

Thank you. It’s your voices that move our priorities forward. It’s the calls you make, the conversations you have with your coworkers, the emails you send, and the personal experiences you share with your lawmakers that make days like today so critical to putting bills like the PRO Act forward to protect our members and communities.

How did your Representative vote?

All Democrats except Cuellar (TX) voted yes, all Republicans except Young (AK), Fitzpatrick (PA), Katko (NY), Smith (NJ), and Van Drew (NJ) voted no. Tiffany (WI) did not vote.

Click HERE to see.

Our work continues – now we turn to the Senate.
Please tell your Senators it’s time to pass the PRO Act!

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