What Does The Union Do For You?

2019, Latest News

By Joseph Smith

In good times, progress is made over several contracts. But in bad times, the union-negotiated contract makes it difficult and costly for the boss to treat you like workers without rights — to treat you like non-union workers. Typical USW contracts include:
1. Work Rules Regulating Forced Overtime & Arbitrary Schedule Changes
2. Grievance Procedures with Binding Arbitration
3. Protection from Unfair Discipline
4. Higher Wages in Good Times/Resistance to Cuts in Bad Times.
5. Sick Leave
6. Shift Differentials
7. Increased Wages When Duties Change
8. Family Health Care Coverage (PEC)
9. Pension
10. Holiday Pay
11. Vacation
12. Seniority Rights
13. Job-Bidding Process
14. Joint Health & Safety Committees that Work
15, Dental & Eye Coverage

Without A Union, There Is No Negotiation With The Boss—On Anything.
You Become An “At Will” Employee And Can Be Fired Without Cause.

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