Why register?

As of January 31, 2024 all registered members with a work email address will need to login and change to a non work email address. If you registered with boston.gov or cityofboston.gov you must make this change. These accounts will be deleted at the end of January. You can re-register after deletion

Sena Local 9158 has a member access only section for 2 major reasons, first we provide private documents for our members such as The collective bargaining agreement and second we use the email address you register with to contact you when there is something we want to share with you such as a meeting cancellation or postponement

Occasionally we may want to email information that is for our members only. For this reason we ask that you do not use a work email address.

How do I change my email address?

To change a work email to a non work email such as a Gmail address you should login to our website and after login click “members” from the top main website menu. If you are logged in correctly you will see a new menu entry “Edit profile” Click there and select “Update Information”. From this new page you can edit your email address, change your password and any other personal information you like. Remember to hit the save button when finished and as always be sure to go back to the members menu to log out.

What if I have questions?

Go back to the main menu and select “Contact”. Fill out the contact form with your questions and someone will respond within 24 hours.

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