Your Senators need to hear from YOU!

We Need the Build Back Better Act.Our Senators need to hear from us.For decades, Rapid Response has been built around educating and activating our members about issues that impact us in the workplace. When we see policies that will impact our core issues – collective bargaining, safety and health, job security, retirement security, domestic economic issues, and health care – we engage.The Build Back Better Act is one of those policies.Collective Bargaining – Build Back Better increases penalties for unfair labor practices up to $100k to provide an actual disincentive to law-breaking companies. The bill also includes up to $250 in a tax deduction for all union workers, even if they don’t itemize deductions.Safety and Health – Build Back Better provides more meaningful penalties for employers who put our safety at risk by raising penalties for willful violations from $70k to $700k and penalties for serious violations from $5k to $50k.Job Security – The bill provides $20 billion for workforce development. It also contains over $80 billion in grants, loans, and tax credits to invest in updating, modernizing, retooling, and building manufacturing facilities in the United States. That means capital investment in our employers that won’t cut into our wages and benefits.Domestic Economic Issues – In addition to Buy America provisions, the Build Back Better Act contains Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) improvements that extend and expand TAA, which helps workers who have lost their jobs due to bad trade policies. The Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) is increased to 80% and made permanent. These are both issues we have had to fight to keep or improve every single budget year.Health Care –This bill would provide for changes to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to give guaranteed paid weeks to care for yourself or a loved one, something we’ve always had to bargain for. Medicare would be expanded to incorporate hearing benefits, creating dramatic savings for those who spent years in factories supplying America and suffered hearing loss. It also includes caps on insulin prices, which has a direct impact on our insurance prices.We can’t let this opportunity slip by.Legislators from both parties need to hear why this bill is important to our union and our families. Call your Senators and tell them it’s time to put politics aside and put the middle class first.Senate Toll-Free Number:(Remember to make two calls to be connected to both your Senators.)1-877-607-0785Tell them who you are, where you are from, and that they need to continue to work to pass the Build Back Better Act.
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